Tuesday, October 14, 2008

etsy color...

this post is all about the color of etsy. these three things are bright, happy and are fabulous everyday items. and if you know anything about me, its that i love color! :)

these sweet pony tail holders are made by bethne3. Perfect for a little one, or a big girl! They will add pizazz and color to any do! check out the other fab treasures in bethne3's shop... here!

these gift tags, or snazzy scrapbook tags are bright and colorful and totally unique. I love the style and specialness of the tags. go here to see more tags and other great note cards!

this handknit scarf was made by romanticgems. i love that the flowers are all different, and colorful, and wonderful. do you want to see the rest of it ? well go here to see it!

ok- so that was just a quick one, hope that you liked the color!



piggy said...

Love those ponytail holders! Very colorful!

S T E P P I E said...

Love the colors!

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