Monday, October 13, 2008

fall is here...

so those of you that know me, know that fall is my favorite... the colors, the coolness, the sharp bright warm sun, and of course thanksgiving. But back to the other reasons. Thanksgiving will be covered at a later date :)

i LOVE the colors of fall, the burnt oranges, the greens, the reds and yellows.. just take a look at my shop and you will see my favorite colors. the other thing that i love is my plants. now below is a picture of Zoe. Zoe is my aloe plant, and i am going to tell you a tale of plant devotion.

Zoe is a rescue, sort of like an animal at a shelter. This plant was destined for a long life at Walmart, a life that would probably end in death come winter. So both me and mom rescued an aloe plant from Walmart that day. The plant was in a small planter, about 4" wide, and 5-6" deep. The plant itself had three aloe leaves, and was maybe 12" tall. This was over 10 years ago... Zoe has been to four years of college, moved back and forth with me everytime. She loves car rides. After college Zoe became accustomed to the spending the summer months outside, so every spring she would move outdoors until fall came. Once fall would come in either my dad or my now husband would curse me for my plant love, and need to rescue plants. You see there is nothing more loved than the summer by Zoe. She stretches, and widens, and always needs to be transplanted. So now 10 years later Zoe's summer is over, as she was moved inside yesterday... and i must say that she has grown...

she has grown a rather lot since that day in Walmart so long ago. this pot is about 15" tall, and 20" wide. Zoe is probably 36" tall, and 48" wide. Her biggest leaves are 3" wide and almost an inch thick! She is an instant conversation piece, and i love her.... but if you need any aloe let me know cause i don't know if i will be able to transplant her again!

happy fall.

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piggy said...

I love fall! Great shot of those trees! I don't get 4 seasons in Singapore :(

Great introduction of Zoe! I must say.. that's a pet in need of a diet! hahah :D Great job rescuing her tho :)

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