Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1st Ever Give-Away!

Well- welcome to my first ever give-a-way!

Do you want to win a super cute handmade by mini clutch? I know that you do. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post answering these few questions.

1. What colors do you prefer in your crocheted accessories? (scarves/clutches/ponchos/technology cozies)
2. What type of closures do you like? Buttons, snaps, velcro etc.
3. What is your favorite item in my shop and why?

This give-a-way will close next Wednesday October 29th at 8pm EST. Please take part, this will help me know what my customers are looking for. :) thanks so much, and good luck !!


quitecontrary1977 said...

1. plum, copper, burgundy
2.button closures!
3. the raspberry clutch

sarah said...

1. Any blues, purples.
2. Button closures.
3.Fall into Warmth Shawl

Jen said...

1. earth tones
2. buttons
3. laptop cozy because black leather ones aren't as cute!!!


ForKeeps said...

1. I LOVE earthy colors - Oatmeal is my current fav
2. Buttons
3. burgundy brown button wallet - so cute!

Digital Misfit said...

I love the colors of nature - browns, oatmeal, rust, sunset colors mixed together, greens, grey, robins egg blue.

LOVE BUTTON CLOSURES! Velcro and crochet are usually a bad combo. A unique vintage button is a great way to add an interesting feature to a simple clutch.

Love the clutches, but I am crazy about the Fall Into Warmth Shawl

The colors are great and it looks super cozy!

Bad Day Ben Designs said...

1. I like contrasts in color, i.e. your orange and grey cozy!

2. Snaps, because they stay hidden. Buttons put me in mind too much of sweaters (unless it's a sweater, of course!)

3. Your orange and grey cozy - LOVE the orange, and the way it peeks out of the exterior in little squares. I also like the little bag with the pea green interior.

4. I love contests :-). Thanks for the chance to see your stuff!

kim* said...

the earth tones clutch, buttons, and my fave is the clutch.

shopPOPKO said...


1. i like white! i also like brown. and blue and pink.

2. velcro gets hectic for me in the winter, because everythign i wear in the winter sticks to velcro. my car is lined with it ad winter is harsh on my mittens near the velcro steering wheel. i like snaps. but my FAVORTIE is magnet snaps.

3. i like your citrus craze cozy, becasue you can see the color peeking through. its awesome.

Jen Vecc said...

yay! thanks everyone- keep em' coming. it seems like earthy tones are favorite so far.

Angela said...

1. I love neutrals, browns, grays, blacks, tans because I can wear them with everything!

2.I am also a button lover!

3.I love the scarves. I could not decide which one. But, I also loved the little clutches!

Tins and Treasures said...

I like to wear the earth tones too, buttons, and the midnite sunset scarf because I love the look of blues & greens together...

fookaDESIGNS said...

yay! we're both doing our fist giveaways! :)

I love earth tones...colors in nature.
button closures...vintage!
Love your winter comfort scarf!

Crafty Mama said...

I'm a sucker for black, but purple and blue are always welcome!

Buttons work best for me.

I like the waves of blue laptop sleeve. Florida doesn't give me much of a chance to wear my yarn, but I do like to carry it around!

jamie said...

1) I really love deep colors, purples, burgundys, cranberry, plum, wine colors right now and I'm HUGE on cowls, berets and fingerless gloves.

2. buttons definitely

3. the super skinny scarf!

jamieislovely @

AngelaMichelle said...

1. Fall colors - red, copper, brown, forest green
2. buttons!
3. Waves of blue laptop case - the color combination is wonderful!

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