Saturday, July 12, 2008

some garden notes....

this post is about my love of plants... gardens and indoor plants are a rather large part of my life- so i thought that i would share images. I have an assortment of plants- most of my house plants started as walmart rescues or parts of my mom's... see that aloe plant. its a monster! :)this is my vegetable garden... my yard has a LOT of bunnies so, my plants are on my deck. I got a bunch of 5 gallon buckets from my dad. we have eggplant, green beans, roma and big boy tomatoes, pickling cukes, basil and green bell peppers. ohh- and one gourd plant! these line the entry to the house so that i can check on them everyday when i leave and come home.

wicked crazy cucumber plant- i am going to have alot of cukes-all at the same time!! :) guess i'll make some pickles!
here is my basil plant... yummmy!here are a few more of my house plants. they live indoors in the winter and outside in the summer. they grow ALOT in the summer. i have two spider plants, a christmas catcus that is starting to bloom in july. (guess its ready for christmas in july) and a mother of thousands plant. this is my garden... lots of plants that are recovering from rabbits... i have tried many nice ways to scare away the rabbits. spices like garlic powder and chili pepper flakes, plus some dog hair has seemed to work! ohh and see that garden knome. he is new today! his name might be harry or frank. what do you like??here is a close up of my chicken and hens... they are growing up- never seen that before! these came from my nana and gramps yard. they like it here.

so thats my love of plants... i also have a small cactus and one more mother of thousands in the house.... :)


Beyond the Rockz said...

Your post has me about from-the-garden tomato sandwiches ... yum!

Wonderful blog!

Beyond the RockZ

Y SO SRS? said...

I like this sentence:"i have tried many nice ways to scare away the rabbits". Then how you describe the normal ways to deter rabbits with the spices and dog hair, all to make you seem like a regular non insane person Those of us that know you best know the depths of your madness.

Go ahead Jennifer, tell the nice people about the nerf darts.

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