Sunday, July 27, 2008

feeling a little blue....?

well it has been raining here for a long time. big rain... i really am not a fan of thunderstorms. i don't like the noise, and trying to sleep during it, and getting woken up petrified because a clap of thunder or lightning was super loud. my most recent (before tonite) thunderstorm was when we were camping on cape cod. it was loud and scary, but not super scary cause you could tell that the lightning was super far away. so this etsy treasure is based on blue... cause water looks blue. :)

this treasure was made by limamike. its a fabulous wire wrapped bracelet. i love the style and the funki-ness. there are alot of other wonderful items in limamike's shop, please check them out!
click here please :)

i just found this treasure doing a basic search on etsy. this fab tote was made by SeeJaneSmile from a recycled wool sweater. i love the details on the front, it makes this bag totally unique and fun! and we all know that i love fun things. :) go here to check it out!

ohh no- a monster in my blog! :) this guy was made by jodieflowers. he is a super great monster that can be used as patch for anything you can think of, and even has an iron-on backing. go here to check out all the colorful monsters.

i hope that you liked the blue treasure... i do- even though there is a thunder storm now! hopefully my next post will be about sunshine and butterflies :)
have a super day!


Rick said...

Thank you soooo much for featuring me!!! What an unexpected pleasure!!!

Amy said...

Very cool! Thanks!

kim* said...

i have seen jodieflowers lil guy before.

Caroline said...

That bracelet is fantastic!

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