Sunday, March 2, 2008

what's your favorite?

i got this idea a few days ago while reading the daily blog-love post on the etsy forums. a post about my favorite tools in my studio. so here they are, some of my most needed and loved tools....

#1. this is one of my most needed and most favorite.... my Berette 55 Bernina sewing machine. this was a gift from my parents a few years ago, i had been using hand me downs from my grandmothers. And after years of them using them and me making two quilts with them they were a little tired. :) This machine is by no means the bestest and fanciest, but it does what i need it too and has more options than my hand-me-downs, so its a great stepping stool machine, and someday i will upgrade! :)

#2. this might seem funny- but i LOVE these snips, they are always ready to cut when i need to and also happy to help. they are easy to use, small enough to fit in my sewing machine cubby and perfect to snip everything. i would really be lost without them!

#3. my magnetic needle holder. silly huh... well let me explain the normal status of my table and ironing board is absolute chaos- so to have an item that holds SO many little sharp pointy things in one place is wonderful.

#4. my iron. i love it, it gets hot quick, it steams, it auto shuts off. what more do you need from an iron! :)

#5. my crochet hooks of course, this crazy assorment of colors and sizes helps me make all that i make. i have itty-bitty ones and big-honking ones - i love them all though. i really love the 2nd from the right green one. its a K, and a great average size. i keep all my hooks in one place - a toothbrush case! what a super great idea huh- not mine, i got the idea somewhere. so i went to my local target and bought a 99cent holder. i highly recommend it.

so those are my top five... i like this idea SO much that i am planning on tagging 5 of my etsy-pals... so go and check out these folks 5 faves!

dancing mooney



shopPOPKO said...

hi there! AHH! I got jons call about the vibe. im going to send you an etsy convo now.
I cant wait to do my favorite 5 because i really love my little thingies. i will have a hard time choosing only 5 though.

carrie said...

I love this- I think I might have to do one of my faves. It's a great little window into everyone.

chitknit said...

Cool - a great project for my weekend. Expect to see my fave five by Sunday night!

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