Sunday, March 9, 2008

my new jitter-bug....

well here she is, my new car. she is a pontiac vibe, and ohh so cute!
doesn't she look like a bug? i think so... so her name (unless i get a better idea) is jitter-bug. :)

yay... i like her! this has been a wacky weekend. mom and dad came down yesterday for dinner. it was dad's birthday dinner. it rained and rained and rained.... we got like 2-4" of rain... crazy-ness!!

last nite me and jon went to the movies, we saw juno. it was good. i liked it. thats all... :)

today i went out to get some supplies, and came back and worked on a case for a walletpix. and made one more mini pouch....

it is lined with a pea-green paisley. so fun and funky. i think thats all i got for today. talk to you all soon!


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