Saturday, March 1, 2008

Loving the Etsy Treasure!

here it is... post #2 in my new etsy-treasure series. So are you wondering what exactly is Etsy-Treasure? well let me tell you... etsy is a wonderful place to find items that you can't find in the average store, and i want to show off my favorites. So these are all items that i have come across in the forums, chats or blogs... I want to keep it to 3 items a post, and themes! post #1 was all about the bag, and this post is all about fleece and felt! :) ~enjoy!

These super hip coasters are made by Project Felt.
This is the Sea Collection of felted coasters. I personally love them because of the color and personality they will add to your coffee table! Super hip and super fun! love em'... :)

need a scarf? well this one will get you noticed! Made of lots and lots of little circles, and slightly reminiscent of fish scales its super way fun!
ReeesaT made this scarf, and there are more colors in her shop.
Reeesa is a newbie to etsy so go show her some love :)

This is totally one of my new absolute faves! Made by TheFunkyFelter this is the most original pendant out there! A needle felted, glass embelished super fab treasure. TheFunkyFelter has tons of crazy unique treasures in her shop and i love most of them!

So those are my treasures for this week and i would love to hear what you think about them and where i should look for my next treasure... :) p.s. i'm mostly healthy again so i'll be back to creating soon....


ReeesaT said...

Wow! Thanks so much for featuring me in your blog :) You certainly found a great group of bright and wonderful items!

Jen Vecc said...

thanks reeesa! :) and you are welcome, i love the design of your scarf!

ACMstudios said...

ooooh, I love felt! That pendant is awesome!

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