Saturday, February 16, 2008

etsy treasure!

so every once and a bit i like to tell you what i've found that i love on etsy. today i'm going to show you some of my favorite bags. these are well made, well designed, lovely fun, functional color-loving bags. etsy has so many tags for bags; tote, bag, purse, clutch, handbag, cozy...
here are my favorites! :)

this is made by knit1scrap
2.... its a perfect little tote to hold your everything. i love the colors and the fuzzy-ness and the zipper. its a wonderful etsy-treasure. Felted Clutch!

quick go see it before i buy it! :)

so you want some more... well i have a special treat for you,and all those people out there that love the green movement.

this is a super great canvas tote that was embroidered by SalvageNation! Check out this fabulous Market Tote!
how perfectly doe
s it tell the world that you care about the enviroment and are about the reducing and recycling and reusing !!

ok- last one... maybe :)

this is a fabulous cork bag made by CorkandCotton. Here is a blerb about cork:
"Yes it is real cork, in it's original state. Shavings are taken from the bark of the cork oak tree, applied to a thick cotton fabric backing, and sealed. The cork will not peel or disintegrate. The cork may be wiped with a damp cloth, or even put in the washing machine up to 90 degrees F!
Cork looks & feels like leather, is soft, flexible, lightweight, waterproof, durable, and a renewable resource! " (corkandcotton)

So more green-enviro friendly love! :) Please go look at this one and all the other great bags they have!

As far as my shop, i am happy to report that i made a sale this week!! yay!! my fabulous good ole blue laptop cozy! as far as new, i have a new clutch posted and new mini clutches on the way. ohh... i love long weekends! so much time SO much to do :)
Happy Presidents Day!


jewelstreet said...

Oh, my! I love that CorkandCotton handbag. It's fantastic.

chitknit said...

Thanks for giving me a little blog love! Have a good day!


Jen Vecc said...

isn't it !! :)

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