Monday, February 11, 2008


so today there is word that the writers strike may be over... so only a few weeks till my favorite shows are back.... i miss my mcdreamy, and my bizzare show about a pie shop and not so dead girl and of course HOUSE. i think that i miss house most of all because jon watches it with me. and its funny. :) so congrats to the writers and everyone that gets to go back to work. and of course all the other viewers out there that are beyond sick of bad reality tv.

that is my rant. this past weekend we dog sat for mom and dad. kasey was a good dog, and behaved rather well!
see that is kasey, she is a golden retriever with a particularly special disposition. and especially vocal! :) she loves jon, and loves the ends of asparagus and chasing tennis balls but NEVER retrieving.

thats all i have for today. i just posted my newest feels like winter clutch :)

have a super one

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