Tuesday, February 19, 2008

happy belated presidents day!

happy presidents day - what a fabulous weekend! my girlies came and visited me saturday nite and we hit up a great bar/pool hall. it was too much fun! lots of laughs and bad pool playing! sunday me and jon headed up to mom n dads to visit with them, and monday we test drove some new cars! a toyota matrix and a pontiac vibe. it was way super fun :)

in the middle of all that i managed to finish up this mini clutch and get pics taken... to be posted tommorrow!

i love the excitement that my "etsy-treasure" post created! the postees were excited and i love showing of treasures that i find. so i hope to make this a regular thing. (if you want me to look for treasure in your shop please leave me a comment)

hmm.. what else??? how was your weekend???



chitknit said...

I drive a Vibe and I love it!

Jen Vecc said...

super cool- are you open to chatting about it???

shopPOPKO said...

hey- MY john drives a vibe! he tested the matrix and the vibe a the same time too. you can always talk to him about it, he loves it. its not the rip roaring best for snow like my jeep...but it holds his kayaks! email me or call me whatever you want if youre curious.

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