Wednesday, February 6, 2008

well its still winter, and with all this snow its got me thinking blue. the color that is. this is my newest clutch and its all about the color blue. so many types of yarn creating one look!!

monday was jon's birthday and he had a good day! for christmas i got jon a handheld gps - so for his birthday i got him idiots guide to geocaching, i can't wait till it gets warm enough for adventures. sunday we went cross country skiing with my father in law. it was fun and exhausting... my legs feel better 3 days later. :)

in fact they were so sore i bought a rice bag from ccquilter! it will be wonderful! im so excited.

not sure what else i got for news, some mini clutches are in
the works- and i'm off etsy this weekend for dog sitting duty!

so enjoy my new clutch :)

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