Friday, November 2, 2007

1st Holiday Sale.... with details

so yes, you have heard me speaking of this infamous craft fair that i will be doing, well now i have details! aren't you wicked excited. So i am doing this show with my brother-in-law, the owner of Fitz-to-a-Tee. This is a screen printing company! and really its rather fabulous. So i will have a table of all my goodies in Mike's studio, and i'm really excited. EVERYTHING will be coming with me. you have been advised :) So details...

Arts and Industry Building
221 Pine St.
Florence, MA

Saturday n Sunday
November 10 & 11

Be There or be a total Square :)

(unless you are building a Lobster pot Christmas tree! - that i want pics of!! )

1 comment:

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

love the use of colors in your wonderful creations. The colors and the fibers used are very interesting

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