Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1st craft fair

hi y'all! so my first craft fair - well really open studios is in two weeks. i'm rather excited and nervous at the same time! this past weekend me and the boy visited with some friends, like Miss Popko!! :) (so see her shop- she is SO fab!) we got to see crystal and her boy john and swap stories and chit chat, and eat alot of junk food :) we also saw my brother in laws studio! its fabulous, and HUGE. like really big! and wow. so its his building that is having an open studios- and i was invited to participate. its in florence ma the weekend of the 10th ad 11th. more info to come, my sis in law is mailing the cards that i forgot. duh. i have all my items in my etsy shop that are going to the show, plus three more that i am working on now. one is a so comfy peach scarf, a chenille poncho, and a gray and pink/blue/purple purse. yay!

anyway- i'm not sure why but blogger won't let me upload any images. i will try again later :)



Anonymous said...

Yay! I am doing my first show in a couple of weeks as well! You must be so excited... Good luck to you hun!

Jen Vecc said...


Cathy said...

best of luck with your show - hope it's a great success :)

Jen Vecc said...

hey- thanks cathy!

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