Monday, January 18, 2010

new quilt block!

this weekend I'm trying a new thing - actual quilt blocks. I must admit that i have fudged my way through teaching myself to quilt and piece together fabrics. This hasn't really been a bad thing. I have made some beautiful quilts...this is a quilt i made for my best friends when they got married. each leaf is individually appliqued on, and handstitched. it was beyond alot of work. but totally worth it!

so this time around i figured that i would try a pattern, and an accurate 1/4" and straight lines! yesterday we went to the store and got this gorgeous fabric, lots of bright bold colors, batiks, prints and i was so excited that i worked in my sewing room for 5 hours yesterday... then passed out in bed from complete exhaustion! but i was very happy with what i ended up with.this is my leaf and rose... so pretty... probably more to come. :)

p.s new items on my etsy site... jenvecc

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