Sunday, August 2, 2009

Etsy Treasure - Massachusetts Style!

Today I am featuring a few etsians from my home state of Massachusetts. These are some great items, and i hope that you love them too!

This is a set of super summer fun coasters made by HKExpressions. I love these because its great to have such everyday items be fun and colorful. Be sure to check out the others coasters available!

This Key fob was made by TwoFriendsStitching and is made from a recycled juice pouch. Again with the fun everyday item, plus recycled! too cool!

This beautiful print was made by AzureGrackle. I love the colors and layers and how the process is shown the item pictures. So pretty!

so those are my most recent favorite items!


p.s lots of new in my shop... be sure to take a look :)


aosgood said...

It's good to see another Mass. etsy seller :)

Welcome to the blogosphere!


Jessica said...

Love the print - off to favorite her shop and yours : )

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