Wednesday, June 24, 2009

little bit of treasure

well its been a while, and i've been perusing etsy for some treasure, and i think i found some great ones ! i really hope that you agree....

this is a business card holder made by sosorosey. I love it because i hate digging cards out of that little spot i keep them in my wallet. and maybe if they were hanging right there i would remember that i have them! I also love the little bit of bling on the button - so sweet :) go here to see what else sosorosey has.

this print is from TheHauntedHollowTree's shop. I love it. The tree is so lovely, and the birds are so sweet. I am rarely out of ways to describe why i like things, but this one renders me speechless. The tones, and the gesture and the beauty. Go here to see it...

and i will end this treasure with a little bit of fun! and what is more fun than a cloudy pin cushion! this one was made by bubbletime. I love the fun-nontraditional blue sky, white cloudness of it all. its great. go here to see what else bubbletime has.

ok hope that you liked this etsy treasure!

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