Friday, August 1, 2008

quick quick...

just a little quick post with some pics from a short vacation to cape cod, and a new scarf that i just posted... more to come soon.... but just wanted to share these amazing photos! :)
this is me and jon, and Sam. Sam is a soccer ball that was our 1st joint purchase 8 years ago... it may seem totally crazy- but he is really important to us :)
and this is jon modeling my newest scarf... go check it out in my shop. hope all is well with everyone!


Rosebud Collection said...

Pictures are lovely..I like the soccer ball too..He should have a smiley face..scarf is wonderful..good job.

kim* said...

Soccer is a fun sport, I bet that ball is special :)

ThreadBeaur said...

Beautiful flowers! Hydrangea that is the kind of flowers I had in my wedding!

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