Monday, May 12, 2008


here we go - a good ole' fashioned treasure hunt! this time i went looking for items that make me think. more specifically i wanted items that made you think of new ways to do something- or new ways to reuse something.

I gotta admit this green thing is catching on in my head, those reuse-able bags that Stop n Shop sells really are wonderful. You can fit way more in a bag, and they are way easier to carry into the house. Plus i don't have an overflowing bag of plastic bags that i keep forgetting to recycle! :) so i imagine that i will be mentioning more green-ness in the future!

ok- back to the treasure!
these frames are made by ParadiseHillDesigns. i bet that you are wondering how picture frames fit in this etsy-treasure catergory- well these are not your ordinary frames! Here is a blerb from listing, "Our solid wood frames are handcrafted here on Paradise Hill from aged barn wood which we have collected ourselves in our area. Most of them are of old pine, some of old fir. They are built to last, held together by hidden screws, the holes filled with solid wood dowelling." (ParadiseHillDesigns) So totally cool - would be great for a beach house, a cabin in the woods, or bring some nature into your work cubicle. (i know my cube needs some life!) go here to check out these fab frames!

this shower treasure was made by kreations! And really how cool~i just bought me some homemade etsian soap and i'm thinking i might need a soap sock. here are soap sock bonus':
1. they hold the itty bitty pieces of soap you can get all the sudsy-ness from your favorite bar.
2. fabulous suds and exfoliating!
3. WASHABLE ~ its just cotton, and you can hang it by that little hook and let it dry. no mildew!
go here to check out the other colors available!

so i just found this fabulous person! and its one of the coolest things on etsy (in my opinion!) Rosewebs has this thing for law chairs. so much so everything is made from them! totes, wallets, pouches! what a great way to re-use that old broken yawn chair fabric. i know no better way to brighten up your back pocket! go here to find your favorite one!

ok folks- thats all the treasure for now. as for me, i have been dealing with some back pain issues, and a few custom orders. so fear not - more new from me soon !! have a fab day-go reuse something!!



Helen said...

I love, love, love those frames. They are really awesome! Great blog :)

Jen Vecc said...

hey thanks helen!

BabyLyons said...

I love that soap holder! Never heard of them, but it would definately come in handy

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