Sunday, April 6, 2008

who needs email...

...when etsy has such wonderful and unique cards! This Etsy-Treasure is all about the good old fashioned idea of mailing mail... instead of emailing it. These etsians create with their hands the vehicles that keep the good ole USPS going. Cards and mail are wonderful- i adore getting mail. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Anniversary cards... cards just cause- they are all wonderful and so much more personable than email. so here we go !

How sweet is this one... two cows in love! This card was created by FlyingRabbitStudio, and is extra large, measuring: 8.5"x5.5". It would be perfect for that special friend of your! Go here to see it!

These dragonfly cards are so sweet, and the color is so vibrant! These are made by Crookedlittlestudio, and the coolest thing is that they even offer Build Your Own Card Sets! so cool.... :) Go Here to check them out!

These notecards are made from budanART, the notecards are made from original landscape paintings. I love the abstract love of color and landscape - they really catch the emotion of the seasons. Go here to check em' out!

I hope that you really loved all the items that i chose. Mail is such a wonderful thing, i hope that i managed to inspire you to mail a card or a note to a friend, or your mom!


budanART said...

Hi Jen!

Thanks so much for including my cards. I think you're right - everyone loves getting a note in the mail. And those cows in love are great!

Christopher And Tia said...

We're ALL about snail mail. I wish I had more penpals so I could buy more cards so I could send more out!

xx Tia

thewren said...

I have a thing about snail mail! It is SO much fun to get a letter in the postbox. It has romance to it. I love it! (And with cards like the ones you choose in this post it is much prettier and nicer than email too...even if it does take longer).

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