Friday, March 21, 2008

etsy treasure - wild animal day!

well welcome to Friday! thank goodness! its been quite the week, i was sick monday, my car smelled like fruit loops tuesday, i got free pizza wednesday, and played some Super Smash Brothers last nite.... i'm tired :) But not too tired to give you a dose of a super fantastic Etsy-Treasure Feature. This post is all about the animals... maybe i was inspired by the wild animal brawl on S.S.B. Anyway- here are my fave animals on etsy.
This wonderful ring was made by AuntiDi. Its a lampwork bead fashioned into a new animal... the Tursnail! This ring is perfect for the days that you are feeling lighthearted and jovial- or the days that you should be! yay for tursnails....

As we adventure into the jungle we come across a big blue elephant. this is not your average elephant, in fact its a sew on patch! He was made by lillah - perfect to add to your old fave jeans, a tote or even to make a too cute onsie! go here to check it out!

So.... maybe you wouldn't find Jin the Lop Eared Jacabunny in your average jungle, but don't forget this is an Etsy-Treasure jungle... where anything is possible!
Here is a brief excerp of Jacabunny background, "This wee Jin the Jacabunnie is old enough now to go out in the world and seek his fortune. Like the Jacabobs he enjoys the usual Jacabob fare but also has a great fondness for carrots and watercress. (Adoptive parents must also consider he has a congentital issue with ear control. They just wont stand up)". (Kitlane) go here to see Jin!

well there you have it! hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, and a Happy Happy Egg-Coloring filled Easter. Should you want more details about my new fruity-tooty-licious car let me know... i'll give you the scoop.

~jen :)

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