Tuesday, April 22, 2008

need some green ??

today is earth day... and today i heard a news article about a house that was completely gutted and remade green.... the insulation, the roof, the windows, the floors...everything. tables, curtains... all of it!! They talked about what makes an item green, its reduce/reuse-ness, its durability, its carbon output and all that stuff that i really don't understand. it all makes me wonder what will happen when we buy a house and want to make it green. not uber green- but some green. we as a country have moved so far forward in year - what will next year bring. need an example... my grandparents just bought a hybrid. yep my grandparents... a generation that no idea what green was when they were growing up- or even what bad idea aerosol hairspray is !! i know that we have a big ways to go- but i feel like its starting. so that is my rambling... and here is some green for you.

this Polka Dot Basket was made my handmadebyannabelle. And i love it...!! Annabelle makes these baskets by wrapping fabric around cording. Super unique and really green !! go here to check out what else she has :)

This seaglass bracelet was made by willowblacklab. All the sea glass was found on the beaches of Nova Scotia. Its beautiful, subtle, and a wonderful way to reuse what was once just broken glass. Go here to see what other wonders willowblacklab has.

If you have been around etsy for a bit and love yarn then you already know about this etsian. Kittygrrlz makes wonderful drool-worthy yarns. This seagreen hand-dyed & handspun yarn is a green treat. i love kittygrrlz yarns and some day i will buy some but until then i will look at the them all here... and continue to dream :)

so that is all for tonite... happy earth day everyone.



Helen said...

You found some nice green! I love the yarn.

Urbanknit said...

the purse on the top is really nice, i like the contrast of the yarn with the fabric

Jen Vecc said...

thanks urban.. that one is mine!

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