Sunday, April 20, 2008

i think spring might be here...

well folks it seems to me that sprung finally... the daffodils are up, the car isn't frozen in the morning and we went to Todd Farm today. Todd Farm is an excellent flea market/antique market in Rowley Ma. Its a wonderful place that has been there my whole life. Rows and rows of dealers and regular people selling everything that you could imagine. Its one of those places that you need to get there early. And when i say early - i mean like 8am. Its a fabulous place to wonder around drinking coffee and finding treasures... which might be why i enjoy my etsy-treasure so much! :)

this time i included some pictures from the beach near our house. it was the first really nice spring day and me and jon went down to the ocean.... and we found some sea glass.


DancingMooney said...

Gorgeous pictures! I SO can't wait until our next trip to the coast... ahhh... ♥

Jen Vecc said...

thanks !

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