Monday, January 21, 2008

new snazz...

so here are a couple new things from me... i just posted the snazzy raspberry clutch. a new super thick scarf and a super skinny clutch too!! :)

as for whats new in the world of jen... work is busy, the pats won the AFC Championship...again. :) This weekend i am visiting the bridal show in Boston with my girlie melissa who is a bride to be. i'm really excited about the prospects of free cake. when i was engaged i didn't do any of those things so this will be wicked fun. and probably overwhelming. not as overwhelming as ordering a bridesmaid dress during prom season.... wow so glad that i am no longer 17.

so besides all of that there are mini clutches on the way for
next week. two of them are about 1/2 done.

i guess thats all i got!


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