Friday, November 9, 2007

So Excited!!!

first Holiday sale tommorrow!!!! :) yay!! if you want more details check out two posts ago.

so yes i am really excited, plus i get to see all my fabulous friends tonite for a yearly gathering. not that we only see each other once a year, but that we always get together around this time of the year. so on that note i say thank you to all my friends for being wonderful and i can't wait to raise a glass and toast our friendship and memories. (the veggie chili is in the crockpot bubbling away- mmnn.... potluck!)

if you end up coming to the Holiday Sale please let me know that you foud out about it through my most excellent Blog! Happy Friday!



Gailavira said...

Good luck with your sale tomorrow! Hope you have a lot of fun tonight too *s*.

~Stella said...

I hope the sale is going great!!!


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