Wednesday, November 7, 2007


just a touch more new for you... :)

i feel like i am neglecting my blog lately. i have been rather busy... you know working and stuff. not the fun work, the actual work. but anyways... this fab ipod/phone/camera sock was made from a super fushia suede yarn, and lined with an ultra hip canvas fabric. entirely handstitched with a burgundy thread! :)

so this morning my deck was slippery! do you know what that means? it means winter. it means snow. it means me being cold and buddling up like a ridiculous child. but it means that i get to wear the three finger mittens that Shazza made for me. so i don't love winter, thats the moral of the story. ok- gotta put dinner in the oven so it can cook and i can put it in my belly!!



Kate said...

Beautiful color on the phone sock, very cool suede yarn!
hose 3 fingered gloves form Shazza are genius!

Jen Vecc said...

i know they are :)

Nora said...

Wow those colors are so rich!

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