Friday, October 26, 2007

wanna see my studio?

well here it is... all clean and pretty! i just spent 2 hours cleaning and organizing and such. and now its here to show you!

This is an overview of our "second bedroom/studio", you can see my sewing table. ohh i love my table! and my ironing board, sewing machine, and my shelves. wonder whats on my shelves? we ll there is fabric, interfacing, yarn and threads, buttons, glue, batting, crayons, wax tools, paper making tools and way more! :)

This is my storage for my yarn- don't worry it doesn't all fit in their. any crocheting project i am currently creating lives downstairs by the couch. :)

and this is my so fabulous Neverending Story poster.
don't you love it, this is one of my favorite movies, and my absolute favorite book! you really should read it~its wonderful, it has great imagery and is one of my comforts.

So now that my studio is clean thier will be more new on the way, but remember if you like something buy it NOW. i am doing a craft fair in two weeks and everything is coming with me.... hope that you loved your guided tour of my world :)

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