Monday, October 1, 2007

wacky weekend

what a wacky weekend. Saturday was full of errands and the New England Revolution Soccer Game! The game was tons of fun we had this group of rather entertaining boys behind us... who had a few too many beers :) The first half the revs didn't look so hot, but the second half they came out and looked way better. Then in the 87th minute they SCORED! so the revs won 1-0.

Sunday was a different kind of relaxing... we woke up and cooked a big breakfast... so yummy! we had bacon, eggs and toast. well jon made himself an omelet , i had over easy. after breakfast i wanted to plant the 40 daffodil bulbs i bought saturday... so i did and jon took a picture of me!

see thats me gardening in the cool hat, and flip flops! after the gardening we decided to go roller blading. So i have this awesome pair of roller blades that my nana got me when i graduated high school. needless to say i haven't used them much. so we went to the Fairhaven bike path and roller bladed for FOUR miles. ouch. i'm rather out of shape. so my back and side is sore.... more than my legs. guess we will have to do more so that i hurt less.

do you love my new clutch. keep an eye out, i'll be posting it tonite!


L said...

Thanks for you comment on my coffee sleeve! The day I listed it someone purchased it! That was exciting. I relisted it because I'm making more, plus one for myself. ;)

I like your floppy hat and flip flops! I wear my flip flops everyday!

Jen Vecc said...

thanks!! :) i love flip flops!!

DancingMooney said...

Yes, I DO love your new clutch, and sounds like you had some lovely weather this weekend too!

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