Friday, September 28, 2007


whew! made it to friday, i have been busy this week. lots of new creations :) i love the photo of this scarf. it makes me want to scrunch up and stay warm. my stash of yarn and fabric keeps on growing and i'm trying to make make make so that the stash doesn't take over my second bedroom! :) i am also trying to make lots because i will be participating in two craft fairs in the next few months. The first is at my brother-in-laws studio building in Northhampton MA, and the second is at the Artisan Fair at North Shore Elder Services (my mom works there). I'm rather excited because i have never done a craft faire! (more info to follow)

on different news... we had a praying mantus in the aloe plant the other day. want to see a picture? i know that you do!! it was really big... about 4" Jon investigated and found out that the praying mantus is the state bug of Connecticut. who knew? btw that is my aloe Zoe. she is rather large, i've had her and her "babies" for about 8 years. A very long time ago me and mom were at walmart and we "rescued" two rather small aloe plants. See this is what happens when i rescue plants... kinda makes you understand why Jon doesn't want me to rescue too many more.

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fernfiddlehead said...

I love a praying mantis!!

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