Sunday, September 23, 2007

crazy weekend!!

holy cow! what a wacky busy wonderful weekend :) i hung out with "the boys" on friday nite, and went tag sale-ing saturday morning. Found some great things... and the weather was great! After that we went to the New Bedford Waterfront Festival, my husbands kids (middle school art) had painted 3 banners for the festival. they came out wonderful! i loved how they were all freehand drawn, no stencils... so it was all the kids ideas and drawing! and we got fabulous clam chowder and clam cakes. jon got raw oysters (yuck!) i did not try one.. they kinda freaked me out :) after the festival we came home and chilled out and it was nice to relax.
if you live in the New Bedford area you should go to New Bedford Open Studios next week. its really fun! we are planning on going and seeing some old friends and people that we went to college with.

i just finished modifying a clutch for a buyer this morning. She wanted it as a wristlet instead!
i think thats all i have... thanks girls for visiting saturday nite... dinner was just what i needed! :)


tracy ;P said...

Dinner was yummy! It was good to have random road trip end with Jen and Jon...and Olive Gaarden!

dumb tracie said...

Apparently the word garden is now spelt with two a's. Now you know and the more you know the more you grow!

Jen Vecc said...


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