Tuesday, August 28, 2007


so i graduated college in 2003, yep 4 years ago! after graduation i started making a scrapbook to commemorate all that i had learned and all my friends. so because we are doing a super big clean for the labor day party, i am re-organizing my bookshelves and i found my not so completed scrapbook. well i just took the extra hour and a half and finished it!!! how exciting is that. here are a few pages that summerize everything!! :) i'm so excited, can't wait to see my girls to show them!

- this is all my friends and the parties
that we frequented! (most of them in
Corrie's backyard in Westport ~ fun bonfires!

- this is a flyer for the show me
and Amanda had for our installations.
Also a cool pic of me that Eamon took,
and a pic of my wax guys that Corrie took!

- ok so Opus 40 is the coolest thing
ever! Google it. its cool and in NY,
and TOTALLY worth going too! This is a
flyer for Opus 40, and a pic of the gang
and Shelley by the big tall thing :)

and a rhino and zebra cause i like stickers!

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