Thursday, August 30, 2007

#2 !!!

horray, i have sale #2 :)
i am SO beyond happy and my treasure is going to a super
nice lady! here is the clutch that was purchased.
She is a mother of the bride and the wedding is Saturday!
My clutch finishes her outfit perfectly! I hope that she loves it, i took extra care packing this one, wedding wrapping paper and pretty curling ribbon.

so because i awoke to such a special suprise i decided that i can have a treat. we have this great restaurant next to our post office and they make the most fabulous smoothies. so i got one!
Peach/Mango/Strawberry and its all real fruit and vanilla frozen yogurt and apple juice... its delightful and perfect for that super hot summer day.

how tasty does that look! horray for thursdays! now i have to hurry up and make something new... i'm seeing a scarf inspired by my laptop case in the future. what do you think?!?



fernfiddlehead said...

That clutch is so pretty. Congratulations on sale #2. It feels good, right?

Jen Vecc said...

it feels SO good!

Marjorie said...

Lovely!! And that smoothie has me drooling! Yummmmmm! :)

Jen Vecc said...

that smoothie was amazing~

DancingMooney said...

Darling Clutch! I love it!! Make More, Make More! Lol... ;)

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