Sunday, June 13, 2010

little itty bitties...

so yesterday i spent a few hours in my sewing room... organizing! i got enough of my mom in me that i need to compulsively organize sometimes. which it ended up being a really good thing. I hung some cork board to hang inspiration... and went thru all my back magazines of "Quilting Arts" (which as a side note is an incredibly inspiring magazine-even if you don't quilt). Well when i was going thru the mags i found an article about creating "inchies" small, quick, impulsive, creative, test quilts! the article said to try to make them about an inch. way to small for me! i mean i like making big things (remember went to school for sculpture!) so i increased the size to 2.5 inches. which is still pretty small.

I layered some nice blue fabrics and then went to work playing... check out what i ended up with!
i think that these will be fun to make... not really sure what i will do with them. maybe attach into a wall hanging once i have a few of them...? not sure... please share any ideas! :)

have a super day!

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Lori said...

What a beautiful design! Isn't it amazing what cleaning & organizing can do for creativity? I did the same this weekend. Enjoy playing.

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