Monday, March 8, 2010

etsy treasure!

well it's been a bit since i have done a true etsy treasure so i thought that tonite was the perfect nite! :) this treasure seems to not have a theme, as i haven't really been hearting theme things this week. anyway ... hope that you enjoy:)

this is a scarf/cowl made by lorilooms. I LOVE the color, and the thick comfy-ness of it. Not to mention four oversized tree branch buttons. It just makes we want to cuddle up in it and drink some hot choco! Go here to see what else lorilooms has.

this too cute bag was made by QuellyRueDesigns
i love the birdies and the hearts and the layers, and colors and handstitching! :) Plus she is donating 100% to the Red Cross for Haiti relief. Go here to see what else she has!

this soap cracks me up! its hilarious and great and unique! It was made by hulagirlsoapco - Its shea and cocoa butter, and extra exfoliating, perfect for a luau party! There are also many more wonderful soaps in hulagirls shop - go check them out here!

so there is some treasure for you. and i am always on the look-out for more treasure... leave a comment and I would love to check out your blog, or etsy shop. enjoy your day!


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