Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Clay Room

So have you been to the Clayroom in Walpole, MA ?? It's a wonderful paint your own pottery studio. Maybe I am a bit biased 'cause one of my favorite people co-owns it!!

I went to college with Corrie, so i've known her for a few years :) and trust me - she runs a fun place! Last nite was a adults only come paint some pottery, drink some wine, eat some cheese party! It was a small showing, but that just meant more fun for us. The Clayroom is going to try to have these events monthly. So check out the website for more info, and contact info.

Here are some fun pictures from last nite.
i made a platter/plate, and a business card holder!! Flamingo style of course.

this is the back of the platter !

jon made a gargoyle !! he spent a long time with lots of gray glaze - shading the gargoyle to perfection! (he is a bit of a perfectionist!) i can't wait to see everything once it comes out of kiln, all shiny and such. Corrie has tons of different items to choose from, tons of glaze colors, perfect for adults and kids!!

so thats that- a wonderful nite with awesome friends. I highly recommend it!! I will update with pics once the platter, card holder and gargoyle are glazed!!

happy turkey day!!


kim* said...

looks fun, there is a ceramics store with wall to wall isle to isle stuff in it. its a crazy place in Anaheim ca

jozie said...

That sounds like so much fun. I think we have something like that in my area, but I haven't had the chance to go there.

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