Wednesday, November 21, 2007

turkey and more....

well its that time of year again.... thanksgiving, turkey, apple pie, my 26th BIRTHDAY and of course the Vecchiarelli Bowl. so from the top, thanks giving is my most favorite holiday! we are going to my parents house to enjoy LOTS of food with my parents, sister, nana n gramp and gram. mom's apple pie is my favorite ever! and i love my birthday (more on this fabulous-ness later) and the vecchiarelli bowl. the annual family football game. this year thanks to the wisdom of my nephews and nieces, husband and generosity of my brother in law- we have official tee shirts!! there was lots of brainstorming by the TD's (teeshirt designers) and the offical drawing was created by my boy jon... ! i'm wicked excited :)

so back to my birthday- the holiday that usually lasts a week! see i celebrate on turkey day with my family, celebrate with my parents on my actual birthday, and celebrate with my friends on a different day. this year jon is throwing me a sushi extravaganza! i'm SO excited... still and again. i know that jon has tricks up his sleeve but really i've been too busy that i forget to get impatient and nosy. see this week i started a real full time job. juggling etsy and working will be tough to start, but since my car overheated on the way home and anti-freeze is my arch nemisis a good paying regular job is a good thing right now. wow that was alot :)

so since i must go sort some laundry... i will say enjoy your thanksgiving, remember those that you are thankful for like my great aunt grace because my dad is buying a new motorcycle! :) and more than that... say a special thank you to the troops. Especially my sister, and my nephews.

p.s. hi nana!



not stocking basics @ 2 in the morning said...

I'm wicked excited for your party, and for the fact that I don't have to work on Monday! We're have a walk and my boss asked me to come in at 2am...nope sorry can't I'm going to be an hour and a half away :P

Jen Vecc said...

yay! me too- wicked excited :)

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