Thursday, October 18, 2007


so if anyone really knows me, they know about how i get the hee-bee-gee-bee's around new crazy technology. like the iphone... i kinda creeps me out how they fit all that stuff in one tiny little phone. its crazy! and scary! and alot of money. people are buying these phones too! and loving them cause its wicked cool, but oh my money. so that is my fear of technology, kinda like the automated aisles at the grocery store even though i am guilty of using them. i hate bad baggers, i am usually alone with the shopping so i have to carry them in the house - so please pack them right and efficiently. i am even good about how i put my items on the counter. i always put all the boxes together and all the frozen together, and the cold together. and the produce and so on. but last week i managed to get my steak tips and my onions bagged together. grr!~ ok so i rambled some. sorry. the moral of the story is that technology scares me, and worries me, but i am taking advantage of it because i love the new ipod/iphone/cell phone etc. socks that i am making! so please go look at my "technology holders " section! cause its feeling a little unloved.

and please share your technology fears, i would love to feel a bit more normal this morn'! :)

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