Tuesday, September 4, 2007


well we did it. we had our first labor day party, and really our first party that we hosted. see we are renting this wonderful house with a HUGE yard! so we had my family and my husbands family over. doesn't sound big? well let me tell you, jon is the youngest of 13 kids! and most of them were here! we had about 30ish people... it was a good size. and the kids put on a talent show for us! thats Aidan, Becky, Ellie and Michaella!! such great kids!



Tracie Ann said...

Ummm hello, it was not just a talent show. It was The Vecchiarelli Family Circus and it was wonderful. All four shows!

Jen Vecc said...

thats cause you had to video tape all 4 shows!

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