Friday, September 7, 2007

do you think?

that laptop cases are a valid thing to purchase? i hope so cause i am making a new one, that i am actually rather excited about. its all shades of blue and slow going. instead of a nice triple crochet i'm doing each row in a single crochet. this makes things go a wee bit slower but i think that itlooks betterand will provide more support. which is what its all about! keeping that laptop safe!
here are some pictures about my day! ~enjoy!

this is the roll book that i decorated for my husband jon, or Mr. Vecchiarelli!

lots and lots of laundry to be done today. and it was SO hot that i did not want to run the dryer.

i also watered my garden. this is the tomatoes and
my one lone eggplant!
(we ate the rest last week..yum!)

this is my rubber tree. its healthy again. i think that i watered it too much last week and it was all droppy and unhappy. don't you LOVE the pot that its in. i got it at a tag sale a few years ago. :)


Not Tray. Never call me Tray said...

You were bored today. I can tell.

L said...

Yes! I think lap top cases would sell. I actually need one myself. Just got a new laptop! Yay! It's red too!!

I like how your post shows your day, kinda cool, it makes me feel like I visited your backyard. ;)

I added you to my side bar, you can add me too if you want.

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